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Find a local to plan your trip to Valencia

At Traviqo we help you discover Valencia by matching you with a local who knows all about this wonderful Spanish city. Our local experts love to help you plan and organize your next trip, from finding the best places to sleep to awesome things to do. 

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Your trip to Valencia -
planned by a local

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Explore the Central Market: Valencia's Central Market is a bustling hub of local life, where locals come to shop for fresh produce, seafood, and other goods. Take a stroll through the market, sample some of the local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the city's vibrant atmosphere

Top 7 things to do 
while in Valencia

Discover the Ruzafa neighborhood: Ruzafa is a trendy neighborhood that offers a mix of vintage and modern shops, bars, and restaurants. Take a walk down the tree-lined streets and enjoy the lively atmosphere, or stop for a coffee or drink at one of the many outdoor cafes.

Visit the Albufera Nature Reserve: The Albufera Nature Reserve is a beautiful area of wetlands and rice paddies located just a short drive from Valencia. Take a bike ride or boat tour to explore the stunning scenery, watch the local birdlife, and learn about the traditional methods of rice cultivation.

Enjoy a paella cooking class: Valencia is the birthplace of paella, the famous Spanish rice dish. Take a cooking class to learn how to make this traditional dish, and enjoy the fruits of your labor afterwards.

Visit the City of Arts and Sciences: The City of Arts and Sciences is a unique cultural complex that features several world-class museums, exhibitions, and events. Although this is a popular tourist attraction, there are still many aspects of the complex that are less crowded and well worth exploring.

Explore the historic city center: Valencia's historic city center is full of charming streets and plazas that are lined with shops, cafes, and restaurants. Take a leisurely stroll and discover the city's rich history and architecture, and stop for a bite to eat or a drink in one of the many traditional taverns.

Visit the Bioparc Valencia: The Bioparc Valencia is a unique wildlife park that offers a chance to see a range of exotic animals from Africa and Madagascar in a naturalistic setting. This is a great activity for families and animal lovers.

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Truly unique experiences

Locals know where you have to go to get away from the masses - and  into an unknown world. With a little help from us your next trip will be truly unique

24/7 support

Our locals love to help out. And that doesn't stop after planning your trip. So just send a text when you're looking for the best cocktails of town

Save time

We can help you with every aspect of your trip, saving you a lot of time and hassle. You tell us what you want, we'll fix it. 

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We want you to be absolutely happy with our help. That's why we payback in full if we don't meet your expectations. 

Locals across the world

We know locals everywhere.  Is your preferred destination not listed? Let us know and we'll fix it. 

Contribute to a fairer world

With Traviqo, locals can earn their fair share from tourists coming to their region. 

Step 1: Find a local

After signing up you can connect with hundreds of local experts wo'd love to help you, from all around the world.

Step 4: intake chat

You can further discuss your wishes during the online intake chat. Your local experts here presents his first ideas. 

Step 2: Share your wishlist

You share where you're going and what you need help with: background info, tickets, accommodations or activities. Or just the full package. 

Step 5: finetune itinerary

After the chat, the local experts finalizes his itinerary based on your comments. 

Step 3: Local starts searching

When the local has accepted your request, he or she will start helping you with your next travel adventure.

Step 6: hapy travels!

Your local expert will send you everything you need as quickly as possible. Now all you need to do is have an awesome time!

How it works

What is Traviqo?

Traviqo is an online platform where we match travelers with locals who'd love to help you organize your next trip. 

We are convinced that only locals really know where you should go - and what to avoid. Making your next trip truly unique, and saving you a lot of time. 

We help with different aspects of your trip. From background information about your next destination to flight tickets and local transportation as well as finding awesome accommodations and great things to do. 

We tailor the trip according to your needs and wishes. You tell us what you'd need help with, and our local experts help you out. 

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Joining us is totally free! 

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