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Do something new this summer

A brand spanking new holiday season is just around the corner and I know for sure that you're looking just as much forward to it as I. Perhaps you too are looking to do something special this year. Let me share with you some of the trips that I think are very nice and truly unique.

  1. Nordic Woods

Okay so this is really cool for the outdoor fans among us. Nordic Woods is an all-inclusive travel trip to the Liaråna valey, Norway. You will stay in a tipi at the campsite, with a view over the mountains. The trip includes tons of awesome activities, such as a survival night, kayak expeditions, an outdoor barbecue, hikes, yoga and courses in baking bread or logging. Really cool if you like the outdoors, nature and good company. Sounds good, right? Check out their website here.

2. The Sail Trip

Like the outdoors, but prefer it to be a bit warmer? The Sail Trip is a 7 day sailing trip in Dalmatia, Croatia. Think crystal clear waters, stunning islands, white beaches and clear blue skies. You will sail to different islands and visit some authentic villages along the way. You sail either the North or South route together with other boats of the Sail Trip Fleet. Activities include snorkeling, learning the basics of sailing, city and Vespa trips, wine tasting and parties. No idea how to steer a ship? No worries, a skipper is included. Check out their website here.

3. The Surf Lodge

This one's really nice as well: luxury lodges near the ocean, gatherings with other guests and of course: surfing. At Saint Girons, famous for it's incredible nature, you'll find this lodge, including lounge areas, hottub, beachbar and a pool. Obviously, everything you need for surfing is included, as well as 4 diners an outdoor cinema, live concerts and lots of activities. Read more about it here.

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