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Help! I'm a Local

The tools & tips you need to succeed as a local travel agent

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Welcome to the club!

We are very happy to have you on board as one of our local experts! 

We can imagine you have some questions. Or lots of questions. No worries, that's why we created this page and some others. 

Below you'll find some answers on the most common issues. Do you have a question that is not listed? Just send a mail to


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Getting started, 5 tips

Getting started with new things always is a bit exciting. We're here to help! 


1.  Tell us about YOU!
When you create a new account at Traviqo,  you are asked to provide some info about yourself. Use this space to tell us something about you. Who are you and what makes you happy?  Why do you love to help creating awesome trips? And why should a traveler choose you? Make it personal so people get an idea about who you are. We love to get to know you!

2. Show your expertise

Everybody is an expert at something! What are the places and things that you are really passionate about? Can you maybe already provide a sneak preview with an exciting tip? By showing your an expert, more travelers will love to get your help. 

3. Choose an awesome picture!

We love to see you smile! Choose a picture that shows your face, is in high resolution and feels natural. Wanna impress a bit more and stand out? We also allow to upload a gif! 

4. Join our discord! 

We created a discord server for you to get to know other Wizards, ask questions or share your expertise. You can join us via this link.

5. Don't be afraid to ask!

We are always happy to help out in case you have any questions, run into an issue or just wanna chat. So don't be afraid to reach out! You can reach me personally via

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The things we help with

At Traviqo we help travelers with different kinds of services. These are:

  • Providing background information

  • Fixing flight tickets

  • Finding accommodations and lodging

  • Arranging local transportation

  • Organizing awesome activities

As a local you can choose what you'd like to help with. Some feel comfortable helping with all kinds of services, while others prefer to help with only one or two. 

Travelers can indicate what they need help with, and find a local that can provide that assistance. Helping with a broader range of services is therefore sometimes useful. 

Below you find the different kinds of activities. To help you plan and organize these, you can click the 'get tips' button for extra tips for each service type.   

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Creating awesome trips:
The do's of awesome travel agents

Tip 1: Communication is key

Okay this may sound obvious, but  communication really is key. So: listen carefully to the wishes of the traveler. If you're not totally sure about something, don't be afraid to ask!

Wanna earn some bonus points? Try to figure out how you could exceed the expectations of the traveler and try to do a little extra =)

Tip 2: share local tips 

Our travelers choose Traviqo because they want to travel in a unique way. Away from the masses and discovering hidden gems - with a little bit of help from you. 

By adding local tips 'n' tricks you know but travelers don't you provide added value and make sure the travelers get a unique experience.

Tip 3: stay in touch

If all is well most questions the traveler may have are already answered before they leave. But  something unexpected may occur. Most travelers really appreciate if you can help out when they have questions after their arrival. 

Not sure how you can help? Just send a small text as a follow up the day after their arrival! 

Background info

When travelers include this package, they generally have some specific questions regarding their travel destination. We gathered some tips on how to provide the best info.


Travelers who select this package would love to get your help finding awesome accommodations. We use a wide variety of websites to find unique places to stay, for the best price.

Finding good ways of transportation can be kinda difficult, especially in less touristic destinations. We have summarized a few points that may help you to 

local transport


Getting local tips on the most awesome activities is highly valued. Obviously, gathering activities that are not easily to find - or even better only you know about, will earn you some bonus points. 

flight tickets

Finding the right tickets may be quite a hassle. We have gathered some tips for you to find the best tickets for our travelers.

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Hey, psst! 
Need some extra tips?

We have created a template for you to make it easier for you to help our travelers.


I created the template to help you get started with the different kind of packages we sell.  

If you would like to receive it, just leave your mail below and I'll share it with you. 

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Get that template!

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