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Create a unique holiday experience

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Let's find the best  flight tickets

At Traviqo we help travelers with unique holiday experiences. With a little bit of help from you. At this page we help you find the best flight tickets, as part of the different packages.

In short: 

This includes everything to get the best flight tickets. Including best airport to depart from or arrive at, time of departure and arrival and good value for money. Some travelers don’t have a specific destination in mind, so then it is good to compare several destinations. Some travelers don’t have a specific date in mind, so then it is good to compare several different dates. 

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First things first: what you should know

Before you can start there are a few essential things you should know. Don't know the answer to one of the questions? Just ask during the initial meeting.

The thing you should know: 

  • What is the destination? 

  • When is the trip taking place? 

  • Who is joining?

  • Is there any preferred way of flying?
  • What is the budget?

  • What are any other wishes? 


What are things to keep in mind?

Arranging flight tickets has gotten a lot easier in the last few years, and there are a lot of great websites that can help you tremendously. There are however a few things to keep in mind when fixing such tickets for travelers. 


1.  Ask about preferences

There are lots of different options when flying. From first class to Ryan air, places to sit, and preferred flight times. Just ask your traveler whether he/she has any preferences and take them into account. 

2. Lay down different options

Usually there are different options to get from A to B (or C). You can let the traveler compare and decide whatever he wishes. Make sure you include the benefits and downside of different forms of transportation. And the price, obviously. 

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3. Useful websites

There are a lot of useful websites to find the best flight tickets. Personally, we think Sky scanner does a great job, as well as Momondo. Not all airlines are always included, so to be sure check the website of your preferred airline. 

4. Ticket prices change

Your search query sometimes affects the price (this doesn't go for Momondo by the way). So make sure to go private or use a VPN when searching. Also: on Tuesdays, tickets tend to be a bit cheaper than other days. 

5. Use two one way tickets instead

Round trips sometimes are a bit more expensive than bundling two one way tickets. Kayak offers 'hacker fares' offering such bundles. 

6. Don't be afraid to ask!

We are always happy to help out in case you have any questions, run into an issue or just wanna chat. So don't be afraid to reach out! You can reach me personally via

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There are a few elements you will need to include when you will share your plans with the traveler. We include them below: 


  1. route: From [place of departure] to [place of arrival]

  2. Date and time of flight

  3. Specifics: such as fare class, airline

  4. Description: including how to get there

  5. Considerations: things to be aware of

  6. Price

  7. Why best option: short note on why this option is better than other options

  8. Up-to-date: make sure the traveler receives the links to the tickets in short notice, to avoid price hikes

  9. add URL: direct url to book tickets

  10. options: preferably, add a second bets option

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Important stuff: what you should include


Convince the traveler why what you have composed is just awesome to do.  


Tell the traveler how much he or she can expect to pay for the activities included in your plan


You include the links to the accommodation and other relevant contact details

to Come

Tell the traveler what the next steps are and what happens from here.

What can you expect?

Step 1: Traveler chooses Wizard

After you have created a Wizard profile on our platform, travelers may reach out to you for help. When someone does, we will send you an email with a booking request, which you can either accept or decline.

Step 4: intake chat

This is the main way to really get to know the traveler and his or her wishes. During this chat you can give a summary of your findings so far and ask for feedback. Make sure that after this chat you really know how you can help the traveler. The chat usually takes around 30 minutes and is done via a platform such as Google Meet. Don't forget to discuss when the traveler can expect your itinerary.

Step 2: Traveler shares wishlist

When the traveler sends a request, we require him/her to share a bit of what they need help with (info, tickets, accommodations or activities), some details of the trip (such as date and destination) and their budget. 

Step 5: finetune itinerary

Now it is time to make your magic happen! After the chat you now know have a clear idea of how you can help. Use your experience and creativity to find awesome activities. Don't be afraid to get off the beaten track! The best things to do aren't the one that everyone may find on Tripadvisor, but the things you know from own experience. Best stuff? Things that you arrange yourself.

Step 3: prepare for intake

You can use this info to start looking around a bit and start composing a rough outline. No need to go into too much details, but it's really helpful for you to come to the intake chat prepared. 


Step 6: share & feedback

The last step in this awesome journey is sharing your findings and recommendations with the traveler. We are sure he or she will love it, so no need to stress. It's always really good to ask for feedback, it helps you improve and get even better! Also, if the traveler thinks something is not perfect yet, this is a good moment to help out and go that extra mile. 

Share your expertise

When creating a profile on our platform, you will be asked how you can help travelers. Some love composing activities or finding that sweet home abroad, while others are allrounders. By telling us what you love we are better able to create good matches. 

Time slots

We have reserved  certain amounts of time for different kinds of packages. For flight tickets this is 30 minutes, local transport 15 minutes, finding accommodation 30 minutes, and an activity 15 minutes. Travelers can choose multiple items, so if they'd like to stay at 3 different places, the total amount will be 90 minutes.

You decide what you'll earn per hour. Based on the packages added by the traveler, we can then calculate what you'll make. Say a traveler needs help with 2 accommodations, 2 tickets and 3 activities. The total amount of time is then: 60 min + 60 min + 45 min = 165 minutes. When you charge USD 30  p/h, you will make 85 USD in total. 


pay day

We usually pay within 2 weeks after submitting your final itinerary. Make sure you enter your banking details at your profile, as we need this info for the payout. 

Getting paid

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Hey, psst! 
Need some extra tips?

We have created a template for you to make it easier for you to help our travelers.


Use this template to get an idea of what you could send to the traveler. Obviously, feel free to change it any way you like and make it feel more like you :)

Just click the button below and the download will start automatically.

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