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About Traviqo

Imagine having a personal travel expert by your side. Someone who knows the destination you'd like to go like the palm of their hands. Who helps you find the best places you wouldn't find otherwise. 

At Traviqo, we have hundreds of local experts who'd love to help you plan your next trip. Whether you plan your honeymoon or a roadtrip with a group of friends, our local experts help you get the most out of it. 


Say goodbye to frustration, generic travel experiences and  hours of searching online.  Say hello to tailor made adventures, based on inside knowledge. 

Interior of a home

Taste is personal. Some like plants. Some like them a lot. That's why our itineraries are tailor-made.

Image by Pascal Habermann

Finding the best holidays.

Why we do this

We've all been there: searching for hours online to find awesome accommodation, the best tickets, great things to do. Serious FOMO mixed with frustration. Topped with an experience that is, well, very ordinary.

Regular travel agencies are not the solution. They will just put you into an even more underwhelming hotel, together with the rest of us. 

At Traviqo we want to unlock the power of local expertise. Helping you get the most out of your holiday, helping them make some money with tourism. 

Image by Rob Wingate

We have better things then searching online for hours. Doing nothing, for example. 

It's time to stop thinking traveling is the same as tourism. 

Traveling is about authentic new experiences. Making genuine new connections and creating unforgettable experiences. 

Let's start doing that. 

Heated Pool

Our story

We just wanted a nice roadtrip.
And a pool. Near to a vibrant city.

Our story starts when we started planning a trip that was just a little more complicated. A roadtrip through Italy with a group of six. A swimming pool wouldn't hurt. And a place to go for dinner at night. And then maybe go from a great spot to the next awesome destination?

It proved time consuming and frustrating. The options were endless and none of us knew Italy that well, let alone what were the best places to stay, or things we should do. 

I wished there was a simple way to connect with locals who'd love to help plan this trip. Making sure it would be special and authentic, and save me from frustration. It just didn't exist. 

So that's what we went on to create: a place to connect travelers with passionate locals. Empowering them to unlock the authentic essence of your destination. 

What we do

Our local experts know everything about your destination.  So your travel plan is packed with unique recommendations and local know-how.

Go where the locals go

We help you find the best deals on your flight, accommodation and things to do. Saving you lots of time, and probably a few bucks too.

The best deals – effortless

Your aunt's holiday plans are probably different than yours. That's why our travel plans are custom-made and completely tailored to your needs and interests.

Travel your way 

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