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At your right (below on mobile) you'll find a magical portal (ok, ok, it's a form, but work with us here 😉). In it, you can pour your wildest travel dreams, your deepest cultural curiosities, your thirst for adventure or even that bizarre food you've always wanted to try (fried tarantula, anyone?).

Fill it out, and let us at Traviqo sprinkle our pixie dust (or, you know, our local connections and expert planning) to help turn your dream holiday into reality.

Ready to take the leap? Then dive right in! Your extraordinary journey begins here..."

*submitting this form does not commit you to anything, obviously. 

So, shall we create awesome memories?

Imagine having a global network of local insiders who uncover hidden gems, find exceptional accommodations, and create unforgettable experiences. Let our locals help you plan and organize your next trip, and discover the world like never before.



Local expert in Barcelona



Local expert in Bangkok



Local expert in Mexico City



Local expert in Rio de Janeiro



Local expert in Madrid



Local expert in Wellington

Unlock the world's best-kept secrets with Traviqo.

From tourism to traveling

Our philosophy:

We love traveling. Modern day mass tourism, not so much. Local communities benefit too little and experiences are underwhelming. At Traviqo we use the power of local expertise to go from tourism to traveling.

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We'll find the best deals

We help you plan a unique trip. Away from the masses, and tailored to your needs. Our locals aim to send the itinerary within a few days. 


Let us know what your dream trip looks like. Whether that's a city trip or a trip around the world. Use the form below, or contact one of our locals experts directly.

Share your wishes


Happy travels

Use our insider tips to book the best tickets, places and activities. Explore new spots, discover hidden gems, enjoy traveling the way it's supposed to be. 


Our local experts know everything about your destination.  So your travel plan is packed with unique recommendations and local know-how.

Go where the locals go

We help you find the best deals on your flight, accommodation and things to do. Saving you lots of time, and probably a few bucks too.

The best deals – effortless

Your aunt's holiday plans are probably different than yours. That's why our travel plans are custom-made and completely tailored to your needs and interests.

Travel your way 

What we do

We specialize in creating personalized travel experiences that take you off the beaten path and immerse you in authentic local culture. Say goodbye to frustrating travel planning and hello to expertly crafted itineraries. 

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Let a local plan your holiday.

Get off the beaten path. Find better deals.  Effortless. 

Get off the beaten track:
Discover the world

Our life is way too short for boring vacations. That's why we've created some trips we'd love to do ourselves. Moving from just a holiday to a trip of a lifetime, diving into new cultures and tailored to you. Click one of the adventures below to get started! 

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